Smith & Jones Design Consultants

Topsham Museum


Smith and Jones have installed a fantastic interpretation project at Topsham Museum in Devon. Its been a fantastic experience working with the Trustees of the Museum and they are delighted with our work.

There were a few key areas within the existing museum that were not working as the Museum wanted. We develop these spaces to help flow visitors through the Museum and help prepare them for their visit to The Period House.

We gave visitors an insight into the types of people that lived in The Period House over the years. A custom made wooden story seat, fitted with audio technology, played audio quotes to the visitors about life in the house. A series of oval picture frames were suspended from the ceiling, helping visitors imagine the people.

We enhanced some external areas to the Museum with large format exterior quality graphics being installed behind the boats on display. We used tensile fabric banners, styled as old sails to help interpret the design features of each boat.