Smith & Jones Design Consultants

PLAY Activity Centre

The Collection, Lincoln

PLAY at The Collection opens it's doors to visitors! Smith and Jones were commissioned to design, manufacture and install an exciting play activity area for younger visitors at The Collection in Lincoln.

The Collection is Lincoln's premier art and archeology museum containing both artifacts and objects from archaeological and art collections. We transformed the existing retail space into an exciting and educational self contained activity area.

The space was designed to be bright and engaging with large scale imagery and educational activities reflecting the content of the Museum's collections.

Our imaginative design catered for all younger children and toddlers, we even created a safe, soft play space for babies!

Children can dress up as a princess, a knight or even a dragon and then entering the Step Into a Portrait picture frame. They can create a work of art that might make it onto the masterpiece wall or discover the types of objects that archaeologists might find buried below our feet.

PLAY will certainly inspire and delight younger visitors and has received a fantastic response since opening.