Smith & Jones Design Consultants

"The fact you appreciated the concept overall at such an early stage enabled us not to just select you from amongst a highly competative field but also to approach the project with some degree of comfort that we would be working with someone who understood the underlying ethos and aspirations of the internal project team".

Steve Dunning - Trinity House, Lizard Project Leader

"I am sure that, as a company, you bring this approach to all projects you undertake and consequently I feel certain that your company will have a bright and profitable future."

Steve Dunning - Trinity House, Lizard Project Leader

Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre

Lizard Point, Cornwall

Smith and Jones were responsible for the re-development the entire Heritage Centre at the Lizard Lighthouse in Cornwall. We worked closely with Trinity House over a number of months, ensuring visitors are now taken on an exciting, informative and educational experience.

Areas re-developed include:
Interactive displays
Educational exhibits
Social history displays
Presentation room
Temporary exhibition gallery
Lighting and Av development
Main site signage
Entrance area
Reception and shop

Our main responsibilities throughout the project were:
Extensive content research
Content development
Site masterplanning
Overview of visitor experience
Space planning and visitor flow
Design of all exhibits and displays
Graphic identity developed
Managing images and photos
Construction drawings
Lighting, electrics and power
Digital design