Smith & Jones Design Consultants

Finchingfield Guildhall


Guests were recently welcomed back into the Finchingfield Guildhall following its £1.8million makeover.

A trustee of The Guildhall Trust said: “I think it is immensely satisfying to see a building which was nearly derelict, on the point of nearly collapsing, restored. “It will become a vital part of village life and our community.”

Smith and Jones worked with the trustees in the development of the 'technology filled' museum interior, developing a modern dynamic scheme that contrasted with the historic rustic charm of the building.

We used a range of digital multitouch displays in order to create layered interpretation that was highly engaging to visitors and gives the trustees flexibility to update in the scheme in the future.

A impressive multitouch table was the a major highlight, featuring a fascinating interactive map of the village. The interactive map gives visitors the ability to explore the village and discover the history of many of the iconic buildings.

The main interpretive strategy for the project was to help visitors visualise the past uses of the Guildhall including a school, almshouses and civic administration office.

The Almshouse display features a range of modern objects fitted with RFID tags. Visitors place these objects onto a pad, triggering an audio quote of a woman from the Almshouse, talking about her life.

The project is one of four short listed for an English Heritage Angel Award and is to be judged by Andrew Lloyd Webber.