Smith & Jones Design Consultants

Burrator Discovery Centre


Burrator Reservoir in Dartmoor is a popular destination for local residents and visitors due to the stunning scenery, access to the moor and for its peace and tranquillity. This really is a special place and Smith and Jones were chosen as the design consultants for the project due to our consideration for the natural environment in the area.

We were commissioned by The South West Lakes Trust to develop a brand new visitor centre space next to the reservoir. A fantastic disused Iron Store was converted into a modern Learning and Discovery Centre with office space, education room and interpretive displays.

It was essential the displays captured the quirky, mysterious personality of the surrounding areas. We used materials that were sourced directly from the site to manufacture some of the displays. Two fantastic tree trunk sections were used, bringing the outdoors in. These were used as a structure to hang wildife tags that can be changed over through the seasons.

We created chunky, rustic hands on interactives, informative and impressive wall graphics, digital multi touch screens with various content about the heritage and environment. We worked with the South West Lakes Trust over a number of months to develop and refine our vision for the space and produce the finished scheme you see today.