Smith & Jones Design Consultants

Royal Society Summer Science

Exhibition, Bristol University

The day-to-day lives of prehistoric humans were revealed at this science based exhibition following new research developed by chemists at the University of Bristol.

The research presented combined archaeology with cutting-edge chemistry allowing scientists to reconstruct the past.

Smith and Jones designed, manufactured and installed the exciting science based exhibition at The Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition in London.

We worked closely with Bristol University in the development of their exhibition ensuring complex scientific content was presented in a manner the non scientific visitor would understand.

Visitors to the stand had the opportunity to interpret the past through ancient identifying molecules found in different artefacts and sediment.

A large curved form created a prominent backdrop to the exhibition whilst informative but exciting graphics spanned the entire length of the curve.

The exhibition featured two 3m high rotating 'earth cores' from the archeological and geological periods. These featured a sedimentary graphic, molecule structures and material samples from each period.