Smith & Jones Design Consultants

Back from the Brink

WWT Slimbridge

Back from the Brink takes visitors on a journey back in time to Mesolithic Britain when our wetlands were very different places and were brimming with an extensive range of wetland species some of which are now extinct in Britain.

Smith and Jones were commissioned by WWT Slimbridge to develop the entire interpretive scheme for what is the first mixed exhibit of wetland mammals at WWT Slimbridge since it was opened by Sir Peter Scott in 1946.

We developed consistent messaging and story lines throughout the exhibit which brings visitors closer to some of the most charismatic and popular wetland mammals such as otters, beavers, water voles, harvest mice and water shrews.

The final deliverables to the interpretive scheme included:

Etched brass interpretive panels
Relief cut wood panels
Shaped wooden interpretation panels
Graphic wall stencilling
Metal framed interpretation panels
Large, shaped extinct animals
Fence mounted interpretation panels
Brass rubbing discs with footprints
Fabric graphics, stretched with rope
Voting unit with balancing rock scale

Smith and Jones were responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of every element to the interpretation, all of which was installed on time and within budget.